Über den Künstler

Hi! My name is Ben Maier. I have 15 years of experience in digital art. Creating scenes and characters out of thin air or adding a new twist to existing things is something I've been passionate about as long as I remember.

In 2009 I started my career in commercial art. Since then I've been working as a freelance artist (illustration, story board, concept art), as a teacher, as a concept artist in a games studio (Goodgame Studios), as a marketing illustrator in a marketing department (Goodgame Studios), as a concept artist in a design studio (Atomhawk), and as an art director in publishing (Ulisses Spiele). I had the pleasure to work on some of my all-time favorite games: The Dark Eye and Magic the Gathering.

I live in Hamburg with my partner who is a composer, arranger and studio engineer in jazz, classic and pop. Besides being a geek, diversity and LGBT* themes are very important to me. I love Star Trek and Dragon Age.